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  • Basic Manicure and Pedicure
  • Personal Make-up
  • Bridal Hair Styling + Hair Extension
  • Eyebrow and Lip Tattoo
  • Eyelash Extension
  • Eyelash Perm
  • Face Threading

Basic Manicure and Pedicure

Take up a Basic Manicure & Pedicure Course to perform beautiful nails for yourself and others.  French manicure and nail art are included in this course.

Fees: $400
Duration: 10 hrs

Personal Make-up

Learning the correct make up techniques will benefit you for life.  You will be able to do your own daily make up for work and also for important dinners and functions.  First impression is crucial and good make up can boost your confidence level greatly. 

Fees: $200
Duration: 4 hrs

Bridal Hair Styling + Hair Extension

Hair styles can change our whole image.  Take up this course to learn the hair bun techniques that enable you to change many different hair styles, either for yourself or others. 

Fees: $800
Duration: 15 hrs

Eyebrow and Lip Tattoo Course

Be a world class Eyebrow Embroidery and Lip Tattoo Artist that is being highly sought after in the beauty industry.  You will obtain a box of all the items required to perform the work.  This course teaches you the following:

  • How to shape and draw eyebrows
  • How to perform Embroidery
  • How to perform Eyebrow Cloning
  • How to perform Eyeliner Tattoo
  • How to correct your lip’s shape
  • How to perform Lip Tattoo
  • Client’s after care

Fees: $2500
Duration: 20 hrs

Eyelash Extension Course

Learn how to create beautiful eyelashes using the latest Korea Extension Technique.  This course teaches you everything you need to know to perform the lash extension alone.  Course includes an eyelash extension box with different lengths of eyelashes, eyelash glue, tweezers and etc required to perform the full service.

Fees: $350
Duration: 3 hours

Eyelash Perm Course

Learn how to perm lashes and give it a natural curl.  This course teaches you everything you need to know to perform the eye lash perm alone.  Course includes a box of eyelash perm lotions and rods required to perform the full service.

Fees: $200
Duration: 2 hours

Face Threading Course

Face Threading is an ancient technique for removing facial hair.  You will learn the methods to perform threading on others and for yourself.  Course includes all materials required to perform the whole threading procedure.

Fees: $250
Duration: 2 hours


In house certificates will be given upon completion of courses




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